8 Places To Find Coupons Without Buying A Newspaper

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8 Places To Find Coupons Without Buying A Newspaper

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Newspapers are expensive! Approximately $1.50 each. If you want to be extreme or even extreme part-time, you’ll need 5-10 papers a week! This is money that could have been used to fill your cabinets! If only there were coupons for free coupons…

1. Open your junk mail.

There are so many good coupons slipped into your “junk mail”. Before you recycle it, open it and take a peek.

2. Check your free community papers.

If your community distribute a free weekend edition of your local newspaper? I used to pick mine up out of the yard, because apparently the driveway is hard to get it to land on and then just toss it out.

One day I didn’t see it and ran it over with the riding mower :/ What a mess! But guess what I found inside?¬†Coupons! Not just local businesses but the same manufacture‚Äôs coupons found in that week‚Äôs Sunday newspaper!!!

3. Download all of the store mobile apps.

Are you taking advantage of your favorite store’s digital coupons and savings programs? Most of your local grocery stores, pharmacies, and big box stores have their own mobile apps or text subscriptions that let you to download coupons right to your phone or store’s savings card.

4. Check your favorite websites.

Almost every website out there has a mailing list. Many of them will send you an email full of secret deals,coupons, or discounts that no one else has access to.

You can also contact companies via email or phone requesting coupons. I have received coupons for free products and free samples in the mail. This only takes a minute using the company’s contact form or phone number!

5. Check the store shelves!

Many people leave their extra coupons on the shelves right by the product! I worked at a big retailer for years. The best places to find these are Grocery,Pets,Beauty,and Pharmacy areas. You can often find them in the check out line by the “impulse buys”. Candy bars,pop,etc.

6. Look at your local grocery store.

This seems so obvious, but sometimes these guys are hidden! On your next grocery shopping trip, keep an eye ( or two ) out for extra coupons. Check store displays for tear offs, look in the grocery aisles for blinkies , and right on the product for some awesome deals. NEVER forget to grab those Catalina coupons that print out at the register either. They could save you TONS on your Next trip!

7. Follow good savings blogs.

Find your favorites. There are a lot of them out there. Many have searchable coupon databases like ours, or other printable coupons available. Some have digital coupon codes as well.

8. Ask your friends, family and neighbors!

Most of them are going to throw them away! Many will be happy to give them away! One man’s trash is another man’s free stuff!!

Couponing can be fun, stress free, and easy!

Where do you find your favorite coupons? Let us know!



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