THE I’M BORED JAR! Cure Kids Boredom now!

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THE I’M BORED JAR! Cure Kids Boredom now!

    1. Gather up all of your supplies: A used jar, paper, scissors, printables, and Mod Podge.
    2. So quick and simple to make. Print out some pre-made boredom busters! I used one set from ->Here, And another set from -> HERE.
    3. Cut them all up and put them in your jar.img_0553img_0558
    4. Label your I’m Bored Jar. Use the Mod Podge as adhesive for the label.
    5. When the kids say they’re bored, make them grab a note from the jar. It might be a game to play, something interesting to do, or a chore. Only let them pick one at a time and they do that or use their imagination to find their own idea!
    6. ALL DONE! Enjoy not being tugged on every two seconds because of boredom.img_0559



Pick up the supplies needed here:

( If you don’t already have them or are missing some )

Used Empty Jelly Jar – Free

Scissors – Free, I assume you have some!

The FREE printables: ->Here,

And another set from -> HERE.

Printer Paper

A Printer

Mod Podge $4.48

I had everything I needed already. So it cost me maybe $1 in supplies.




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