Boring Ceiling Fan Turned Into Moving Artwork

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Boring Ceiling Fan Turned Into Moving Artwork

How to repurpose an old ceiling fan.

Step 1.¬† Find, or buy your fan. So look in your shed, hit a garage sale, or make a run to the thrift shop and get one. ¬†I picked up ours at a yard sale (NEW) for $4! But It was boring, and all white. Our office is bright and obnoxious, so this wasn’t going to work for us!



Step 2. Get out your art supplies and go nuts! We used a few different mediums for ours. Acrylic paints, glitter, and Sharpies. We had plenty of brushes handy and around 50 colors.

830 (40)


Step 3.¬† Let your fresh art dry! Once it has fully dried, add clear coat to¬†protect your art. We used Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze¬†.¬†It’s an easy to use spray can that covers quickly. Two coats and it’s thick and looks like glass! Step 4.5 Let it dry,again! (optional step but I would recommend doing it!


Step 4.¬†Hang it up and¬†feel the breeze, while getting dizzy with all the colors. I don’t have a picture or video of ours hung,yet. This is because I was so excited about my yard sale fan, I didn’t even realize that it had no light fixture! So, It will eventually get hung out on the porch,¬†garage or somewhere¬†that doesn’t need light. I could buy a light kit for it, but that would make the cost about the same as just buying a new fan.

830 (41)

Left to right: Tiny, Lapie, Mira, Mean Bean, Dad

So the Fam got to hang out a bit and get messy. I got a crazy new fan, and we had fun! For CHEAP!


So, I have around $5 total invested into this fan. We had fun and made a mess. Totally worth it!

Side note!

I will update this post at some point with better pictures and video. I couldn’t get them to load. (Which is also why we did this project on August 25th, and I’m just posting it.) Hopefully I can recover my better photos and video. If not, this is how it will stay.



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