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Here’s what you need to make an easy job of turning your car shiny and don’t forget to read the directions before use. (Click on a link to see some great products!)


Why You Need It

Good to Know

Synthetic, polymer-based liquid or paste wax

Tend to be easier to use and provide longer-lasting protection than traditional carnauba-based paste wax

Many synthetic waxes can be used in direct sunlight, and they won’t turn plastic trim white as will traditional wax.

Dedicated, non-detergent car wash products

pH-balanced and formulated to dissolve and remove dirt without harming the wax below (some even contain wax)

Never use dish soap, detergent, or household cleaners on your car, which can strip old wax and harm the finish.

Microfiber towels

The microfibers are able to pick up dirt and dust particles much better than larger cotton or other synthetic fibers

These towels need special care: Wash microfiber towels separately from other laundry, using hot water and no fabric softener. Replace them promptly when they get worn. Do not drop them on the driveway or garage floor-if you do, wash them before using on your vehicle

Spray waxes

Quick and easy, they’re great for adding temporary luster as well as some protection

They don’t protect the car’s paint as well as traditional paste or liquid wax, so consider them a touch-up between serious wax jobs.

Auto clay kit

A clay bar is ideal for removing bonded contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, and tar. It won’t repair or remove surface scratches or swirls

Most auto clay kits include everything you’ll need, including clay, detailing spray, and a microfiber towel.

Compounds and polishes

These remove oxidation, swirls, and scratches prior to waxing your vehicle

Compounds and polishes don’t provide any protection for your vehicle. After using, be sure to apply your favorite wax


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