Ditch Cable and Save HUNDREDS a year!

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How to save money by cutting cable

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Cable bills grow larger EVERY YEAR! (Most families spend an average of $160 a month on cable bundles!), I will show you how to drop that bill to half or more!  Basically, this means dropping your cable or satellite TV subscription and picking up streaming services like Netflix , VUDU,and  Amazon Prime -Free Trial Now. There’s a lot more options as well, with new ones coming out all the time. Hulu,Crackle, and even some of the premium channels have services.  Join SHOWTIME Free Trial   A few years ago cutting the cord meant missing almost everything! Now with a few services (paid,and free) and a device or smart tv, you are free to watch almost anything you can think of! Many of which, commercial free, with the ability to pause, fast forward, rewind, and pick up again when you can.


So now for some fun saving time!

Cable $160/Month

Netflix $7.99/Month

Amazon Prime $8.25/Month(includes movies,music,discounts,exclusive deals and more!

Hulu $7.99/Month

Crackle $FREE ( but it has commercials)

Vudu No Monthly Fees: BUY the Movies and shows you love to keep forever! (you can                  also rent them if you prefer.)


So for just $24.23/Month or less! you can watch thousands of movies,premium shows,exclusive content that is UNAVAILABLE on Cable and still enjoy all of your favorite TV shows!



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