How To Get A FREE Car As A Single Mommy

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How To Get A FREE Car As A Single Mommy


One of the hardest parts about being a single mom is getting by financially. It can be extra tough for the newly single moms, that are used to having two incomes.

I hated the idea of being an adult with two (at the time) children, having to move back “home”.¬†¬†I had a car at the time but I didn‚Äôt have a place of my own. Even for those few months It was exhausting. I love my Mom and Dad, but there’s a reason I moved out!

Getting everything figured out as a single mom can be tough!

If you have no car, it could make even the most simple things seem impossible. How will I get to work? Who can give me a ride to the grocery store? How will I get the kids to school or the Doctor? What if there’s an emergency, and I NEED A CAR NOW!

Sure there’s public transportation, uber, lyft, and taxis. But those cost money, and aren’t available in all areas.

I may not be a single mother anymore, but I’ve been there. Ask for help when you need it.

Government Assistance Programs (Grants for Cars)

If you‚Äôre on any government assistance (SNAP, cash assistance, section 8 housing, TANF, etc.) then talk to your case worker about needing a car. Do it now, don’t wait because they only have so much budget for each of their programs. You may be put on a waiting list, but it will be worth it!
These caseworkers know that not having transportation is one of the biggest reasons people can’t find work, and others lose jobs. 

I know in Michigan it’s limited to $2000 and it must run and drive. It’s most likely the same in every state. You can get a pretty nice car for $2000. Alternately, if you HAVE a car, but it is in need of repair to drive, or be safe they have grants for that as well.

Don’t wait, ask today and don’t feel like you’re a bother to your caseworker. That’s what their job is, and your persistence¬†will pay off!

Vehicles For Change


Vehicles for Change may be able to help you!

We receive car donations from the public, make them ‚Äúroad ready,‚ÄĚ and then award them at affordable prices to eligible families in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Michigan.

To qualify for a vehicle, you must meet the following basic criteria:
  • You must have a verifiable job offer or be working at least 30 hours a week
  • You must have a driver‚Äôs license in the state in which you reside
  • You must be insurable (no DWIs or DUIs)
  • You must not have any other vehicle in your household
  • You must be drug free
  • You must be able to cover fees for taxes, tags and title (approximately an additional $500)
  • If you are under the age of 25, you must have children
  • You must be able to afford the ongoing cost of car ownership (insurance, fuel and repairs, as needed)


Free Charity Cars is a nonprofit organization  that gives away donated cars all through the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Victims of natural disasters
  • The medically needy
  • Military Veterans
  • Families transitioning from public assistance to work
  • Families living in temporary shelters
  • The working poor ( who isn’t!)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Military Families

To apply for a car from Free Charity Cars you will need to visit their website and fill out an application. They will then review your application and your story will be made to the public. Viewers of their website can vote for you. So tell your friends, family, co-workers, Twitter, and Facebook!

When a car becomes available in your area, the staff will look at the applicants in your area. Then choose based on the circumstances, and votes.

Cars are obtained through donations from people who got a new car. If no one in your area has been donating, your chances will dwindle!

*NOTE* Your story, photo, name, and likeness will be used. So don’t apply if you’re shy!

Women With Drive


Are you on the road to self-sufficiency but struggle with transportation? Are you ready to gain access to better employment opportunities and want to enjoy personal independence? Women With Drive Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals who want to work to help themselves by providing safe, reliable cars and a chance for an improved life. To qualify for a car through WWDF, all individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a job or verifiable job offer.
  • You must be currently accepting state benefits (ie. WIC, ADC, Food Stamps)
  • You must be insurable. No DWIs or DUIs on your driving record.
  • You must not have any other vehicle in the household.
  • You must be drug free and no extensive criminal background.
  • Able to pay for your insurance and fees for taxes, registration and title.
  • Under the age of 25, you must have parental responsibilities.

Women With Drive Foundation does not accept car requests from individuals directly. In order to be considered for a vehicle, you must apply through a caseworker at a nonprofit or other community service agency (for example a church-related or other private entity). We do not accept phone calls. If you have questions regarding our programs or policies, please contact us through this website or by emailing If you are a company or organization who would like to know how to get involved, please email us at

At present, we operate within Chicago, IL and its environs. If you are interested in establishing a chapter in your area, please email and put ‚ÄúCHAPTER REQUEST‚ÄĚ in the subject line.

Search for Donations With This Website

Because you can qualify for a very large tax write off by donating a used car, many people are doing just that! Sure they could try and sell it for a few extra bucks, or donate it and get a nice deduction and feel good about helping someone out!

You can check out working cars for working families, to help you find a non-profit organization in your area that accepts and donates vehicles.

Contact the companies listed in this post to find out more about getting a free car.




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