The Purge: Election Year: Kiss Me Mask and Dress

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The Purge:Election Year Kiss Me Mask and Dress

Part One: The Mask.

We were not able to find the mask in any store or online,

so we made one!

  1. Gather the supplies. We started with an old skull mask, paper mache, mod podge, liquid latex, white, red, and black acrylic paints.
  2. The first thing i did was lightly sand the mask. img_0133That way everything I’m doing to it will stick a little better. Then we made our paper mache batter and started forming the face. We had to cover the teeth, make a nose, cover the eyes and fill some holes.lightsaber-6
  3. Then I used liquid latex to build up the mask a bit and smooth out some areas.
  4. Once that cured, I covered all the paper mache & liquid latex areas with Mod Podge.img_0137
  5. I let that dry overnight, and then made the slits in the eyes.
  6. Painting time! I used a bright white acrylic paint over the entire mask, two coats. A dark red for the kiss me and the blood. Black for the mouth. I just painted the jagged mouth on.img_0301
  7. All Done! Kiss Me Mask is ready to go.


Pick up the supplies needed here:

Mod Podge 8oz Matte: $5.76

Liquid Latex 16oz: $10.45

Apple Barrel Red¬†Acrylic Paint 2 oz: .50¬Ę

Apple Barrel Black Acrylic Paint 2 oz: .50¬Ę

Apple Barrel White Acrylic Paint 2 oz :.50¬Ę

A hard mask to start with. Use an old one or head to Dollar Tree: 0¬Ę- $1.00

Flower, water, salt, and newspaper. – For the Paper Mache

So IF you have NONE of these supplies It would cost $18.71 / $19 after you add the paper mache supplies.

I had all of these items on hand. So my total cost was about $1 in supplies


Part 2. The Dress

  1. ¬†Gather your supplies. You’ll need¬†white prom dress or similar dress, Red paints, and Fake Blood.1027-10
  2. Mix A few shades of red paint with some fake blood.
  3. Splatter it on the dress.
  4. Rub a few heavy blood spots on by hand.img_0306
  5. All Done!img_0304


Pick up the supplies needed here:

  1. A White Prom Dress, Easter Dress, Or similar. $12 Р$200
  2. Fake Blood $1- $10
  3. Apple Barrel Red¬†Acrylic Paint 2 oz: .50¬Ę

I had most of these items on hand. So my total cost was  $1 in for fake blood.

Complete Costume Including The AK-47:

img_0342 img_0343


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