Executioner Barbie With Working Guillotine

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Executioner Barbie With Working Guillotine

  1. Gather up all of your supplies: 2 Barbies, Something to use as your Guillotine base, wire or string. razor blade, red, black, and brown paint, and craft glue.
  2. First I painted the barbies. My dogs had already chewed them up and ripped off arms and heads. So I didn’t need to damage them any further! I painted one all black and then just left her eyes so he kind of looks like she is wearing an executioner’s outfit. The other one I just added a little red for blood, and put a bunch of craft glue in her hair so it stood up.img_0377
  3. For the Guillotine I took a small box cut the center out for the blade to drop. Cut Head and Hand holes and painted it all up like wooden planks. For the blade, I used a razor blade (flipped over so the sharp is not out) slid it into a piece of cardboard , and attached a wire to the top to lower and raise the blade. The blade is just larger than the hole cut for it, so i sliced the inside of the cardboard hole so that you can actually lift and lower the blade.img_0385
  4. I then added the bench for the soon to be executed Barbie, and glued it to the main guillotine.img_0383
  5. I glued the removed head to The Executioner’s Hand and wrapped the blade wire around her other arm.img_0387
  6. Make any final adjustments if needed.
  7. ALL DONE!!3d-framed-ghost-head-5


Pick up the supplies needed here:

( If you don’t already have them or are missing some )

Barbie Doll Р$5 

Single Edge Razor Blade 20 Pack – $7.99

 Total cost if you have none of these items $22.89 But I know you can improvise and make it less!

 I did mine for FREE. I had everything I needed already!

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