Why We Love Skateboard Art (And You Should, Too!)

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Why We Love Skateboard Art (And You Should, Too!)

How to repurpose an old or unused skate deck.

Step 1.  Find, or buy your deck (skateboard). So look in your shed, hit a garage sale, or make a run to the thrift shop and get one. You could also pick one up new. Blank decks can be found HERE, or inexpensive decks with graphics HERE. I happened to get a deal on over 100 decks for dirt cheap. They had slight imperfections, mostly chipped paint or a scratch. So I picked them up for $1.18 each!


Step 2. The prep work begins! Sand,sand,and sand some more! We started with 60 grit, then 80 grit. After that to get all the little imperfections out and make it silky smooth, sand it with 100 grit, then 150 grit. Alternately, if you picked up a blank deck, just sand it real quick with 100 grit and move on!


Step 3. Get out your art supplies and paint your wooden canvas! We used a few different mediums for ours. Spray paints, acrylic paints, and Sharpies. We laid out a big piece of cardboard to contain (most of) the mess. We had plenty of brushes handy and more colors than I can remember


Step 4.¬† Let your fresh art dry! Once it has fully dried, add clear coat or varnish to protect your art. We used Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze¬†.¬†It’s an easy to use spray can that covers quickly. Two coats and it’s thick and looks like glass! Step 4.5 Let it dry,again!


Step 5.¬†Hang it up and display it, or throw some trucks and wheels on it and go ride! We hung the one I did in our office. I just used two 4″ screws and put them through the holes for the trucks.


So the Fam got to hang out for a couple hours. Kick back and have some messy fun for very little money. Hopefully some of you will try this project out too! If you do,post a pic, or tag us in it!


That’s it, have fun and make it your own! I spent a total of $2.41 for each one of our boards!






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